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Now in it's 16th season Crack Comedy Club has established itself as one of the best London comedy clubs. Comedians and audiences love the quality of the comedy and the intimacy of our fantastic comedy venues. 

'Delivers a regular deluge of laughs' -

Comedy at your venue

Crack Comedy Club can help you have a great comedy night at your venue or event.
Erich M

Crack Comedy can help with all your comedy needs

Comedy can be a great addition to your events and gets your local community involved. It adds value to a venue's programming calendar and an opportunity for a busy and profitable night.  

Many successful venues run monthly nights, bringing in new business and customers on a traditionally quiet weeknight (Monday-Thursday).

What makes a successful comedy night?  Lots of factors go into making a successful night, but below we've listed the core requirements that have helped with our rooms.

Would comedy work in our venue?

Here are the key things you'll find in clubs that last and bring in consistently strong audience numbers:
  • A separate function room or complete use of bar - Comedy needs the full focus of the audience, can't get laughs when competing with the pool table or chatting at the bar.
  • Staff and management that are supportive of the comedy - The event needs to become part of the venue, it isn't an easy add on that will automatically bring people in.  The more your team supports the night, raises awareness and enjoys it, the better chance for long term success.
  • A visual presence in the venue and online - Promote and get the word out - if you don't tell people, they won't come. 
  • Quality matters - We take pride in the shows we put on, knowing that we deliver a great night for the audiences and also put on shows comics want to play.  
  • Good sound and lighting - The audience needs to be able to see and hear the comics, this sounds obvious, but these two basic elements are often missed.  
How can we help?
  • Booking comedians at your venue
  • Establishing one off or ongoing comedy events
  • Booking for a corporate event
  • Technical advice for your night
  • Hiring lights, sound and stage
What does it cost?

We work with a wide range of budgets for putting on a successful night, costs will vary depending on the number of comics you want to have, the format of the show and the night of the week.  

If you think you've got what it takes, then give us a call and we can help you build a funny and profitable night of comedy.

For information on how we can help you ring us at 020 8549 9790 or email
020 8549 9790


If you are a real fan of comedy this is the club for you.

We specialise in great comedy experiences in our cozy and intimate venues.

Our shows feature the best comics working in the UK today and our focus is on you having the best night possible.

All of our clubs offer value-packed comedy and dinner options plus fantastic offers for groups as well.

Check out our nights in London at our comedy venue in Kingston.


Ram Jam Records
The Grey Horse 
Nearest Station: Kingston



£12.50 Advance
£8.50   Students*
£13 Door

Prices vary in late November and December.

Secure online payment by Visa, Mastercard, Delta or Maestro

*Valid student ID Required
**Prices are subject to change without notice and may vary for special events or shows.



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